Project Integration teaches computer programming to refugees in the Geneva area.


Project Integration teaches computer programming to refugees in the Geneva area.

These courses will crucially provide them with highly demanded hard skills that will allow them to improve their employability in almost every sector.

It will also provide them with the agency to pursue projects independently.

The challenge

90% of the more than 1000 refugees who can work, do not.

The solution

Computer programming courses for refugees.

The courses

Our students follow a 5-month long practice-oriented program in which they learn the fundamentals of HTML, CSS and Javascript.

The goal

While our classes have been a success until now, we want to make sure that our students are equipped with the right skills for the job market we need to make them more intense, regular and curriculum based. 

Want to do your part?
Help us help people in Geneva.



Are you a refugee living in the Geneva area who has an interest in technology and web development?

Our world is becoming more and more digital and that makes computer programming and web development skills useful in many job sectors.



Are you interested in helping out and volunteering your time, either as a teacher or volunteer?

Teachers need to have a computer programming background and able to give 2 hours of their time a week. For the other volunteers, we are always open to everyone that wants to help. The experience is incredibly rewarding and we have a very social team!



If you would like to help change the life of refugees in Geneva, contact us!

We are also always looking for laptops, USB keys, projectors or other supplies to ensure our classes are well equipped and our students have the most fulfilling educational experience.

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