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Global Geneva

11 October ​2017

Changemakers: Project Integration

Le Temps

La femme ​Digitale, ​Aline ​Isoz, ​10 ​May ​2017

Priya ​Burci: ​l’associatif ​conjugue ​en ​mode ​digital.

Le Temps

Le ​Temps ​des ​Réfugiés, ​Jasmine ​Caye, ​6 ​June ​2017

Projet ​Intégration ​allie ​les ​besoins d’intégration ​des ​réfugiés ​et ​les ​besoins ​informatiques ​suisses.

The Graduate Institute

​18 ​May ​2017

Project Integration: ​Helping refugees ​find ​IT ​jobs.


April ​21 ​2017

Coding ​for ​Refugees ​and ​Asylum ​Seekers.

Impact Hub Geneva

​Community ​Stories, ​Ashleigh ​Armstrong, ​29 ​March ​2017

Project ​Integration.

Geneva Business News

​Mariam ​Ismail, ​13 ​April ​2017

Project ​Integration: ​A
Closer ​Look ​at ​Innovation ​in ​Humanitarian ​Action.


July 6 2017

Refugees are programers: this is how young people are struggling to solve today’s problems (in Hungarian)


The Graduate Institute Geneva, May 18, 2017

Student Stories | Helping refugees find IT jobs

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